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  • We are so pleased to partner with Expensepoint.

    We are so pleased to partner with ExpensePoint! Finally an automated way of getting NDC content into expense, with a leader in expense management.

    March 8, 2021Read More
  • Partnered with Magnatech Travel Management Solutions!

    We look forward to working together with our new partner, Magnatech Travel Management Solutions, a long-standing, trusted, travel technology provider in the industry. The Magnatech platform helped many TMCs during the pandemic. And working together with FareNexus NDC, we will further strengthen the industry in a post-pandemic world.

    March 8, 2021Read More
  • Airlines, Travel Agencies Ponder How Best to Spend Tech Dollars in These Lean Times

    Many airlines and travel agencies are rethinking their technology spending plans amid tighter budgets. At the same time, they also want to get ready for when a sustained rebound in travel appears…

    March 8, 2021Read More
  • NDC: New sales channels to boost airline recovery

    Travel service firm ATPCO has announced the addition of Farenexus Group, FlightBridge, Onriva, and Winding Tree as new sales channels to it’s NDC Exchange platform…

    March 8, 2021Read More
  • Adoption of ATPCO’s NDC Exchange accelerates

    ATPCO has added new sales channels to NDC Exchange.Farenexus Group, FlightBridge, Onriva, and Winding Tree are new channels that are now in production with NDC Exchange, while Flyline and WellTravel are expected to go live with airlines in the coming weeks…

    March 8, 2021Read More