Reporting & Analytics

Reporting & Analytics

It may seem simple, however, interpreting data is one of the key components of for a successful business in today’s world.  Reporting is the process of organizing data in order to analyze it and understand what’s working and whatnot. Easy, right? What different areas of business are performing well, and where we need to work for improvements. Analytics is the process of exploring these data and reports to extract meaningful insights to understand the performing of the business and improve their functionality and visibility. Analytics allow us to quantify the effects of changes made to our strategy that has brought huge organic traffic and highlights the need for improving and optimizing the website.

What is the need for analytics and reporting?
In order to implement the most comprehensive business platform, an organization must design an effective reporting, analytics and intelligent delivery framework. This enables the business analyst and marketing team to efficiently utilize the integrated data to make proactive decisions and competitive strategy. The need to have innovative reporting and analytics becomes critical for all organizations. Process of the data and proper reporting and analytics enhances the ability to make informed decisions.

Such an efficient information strategy significantly impacts the growth of the organization and changes the way they perform in the market. A successful analytics and reporting strategy enable increased productivity, employee satisfaction, improved analysis and decision making, increased organizational communication and collaboration, and targeted delivery of data and reporting and analytics delivery.
The reporting and analytics bring transformational impact to the organization if implemented correctly. However, the scope of decision making and capability is a gruesome task to companies. By focusing on these tasks can positively affect the business goals and increase overall profit and customer base. Reports will provide important detail which will help tailor the future forecasts and marketing plans,
guide budget planning and improved decision making. It also enables us to compare the performing of our business as compared to our competitors through repeated reporting and analytics. As widely defined, they describe how our data is being discovered, interpreted and communicated on the internet. In the internet language, it is the demographics of how users interact with our website and sketch the conversion paths and traffic to the website. Internet marketing strategy without analytics has no definition of success. It helps us quantize the current strategy and make sufficient changes, so it becomes more appealing and convincing to the consumers. It helps the organization identify their weakness and strengths. If an industry is working on blogs, analytics can help analyze the traffic and provide value to the readers. It enables the organization to be able to measure the organic traffic that the blog posts attract and analyze the posts that have a high bounce rate, low bounce rate and highly successful post.

Advantages of optimized Reporting and Analytics
Effective reporting and analytics are far beyond the reach of the collection of data and traffic while it involves a huge spectrum of reporting techniques to provide the marketing team with valuable information that will assist in decision making. Inventory, production and sales report reflect the current trends and opportunities in the current market to expand their scope and visibility. As the company collects huge data, it becomes mandatory to optimize the data to grow the business forward. Ideally, the optimized data set helps the managers to categorize the well-informed decisions and focussed missions and goals to perform well as compared to their competitors. Streamlining of the data has become increasingly important to all size business to gain benefits like:

The overall accuracy of the management planning, budgeting and forecasting are dependent on the accuracy of the data and information available. Improved and optimized data highlights improved accuracy.

A large emphasis is on productivity, focussing on the needs of a larger audience with the targeted consumer to distinguish their customer base in the market.

3. Streamlined information
The optimized information can reach a maximum customer base to increase their productivity and business. More data has to be organized and stored and presented to have quality customer and conversion rate.

What Farenexus offers?
Farenexus Group has designed various products which can store data and maintain a history of records of data. This helps us maintain an inventory of data and analyze the data which can be later accessed for reporting and analysis. We help clients by providing access to such tools with our products which can be beneficially used for analytical solutions. We make sure that the acquired business data are structured and easy to access so it becomes easy to analyze and orient for better understanding and for further processing. We offer customized dashboards to access reports that show how much organic traffic has this website brought over a period of time and also the number of visitors who changed into customers. This has benefited the clients much positively to expand their customer base and the revenue generated from the organic traffic. Our products offer various capabilities like tracking which can be applied for user actions automatically throughout the client’s website. We at Farenexus group also offer segmentation that gives us a detailed categorization of different users from various locations and time of access to have an insight about the type of customer and time that draws most traffic to schedule social media posts to convert visitors to potential customers. The dashboard has a profile view that let the clients to establish a user custom category around their choice. The various measurement tools allow the clients to evaluate each feature’s user engagement and conversion rate.
Farenexus offers products – NexusWind with these features that enable the client to perform the best in their marketplace. The specially designed dashboard has access to all these so we can let the organization seamlessly use them to the benefit of their growth. Our products offer these services embedded in them. However, we independently offer analytics and reporting service to our clients with their data and maintain confidentiality in all ways.

How does our Product Analytics platform work?
Our product analytics platform automatically captures data and this virtual capture enables us to take advantage of data gathered and cannot be modified and highly secure and safe. The cohort analysis lets us be aware of the repetitive visitors within a specified time period. This is beneficial for the long term keeping of our customers and plans to reach the customers with the product. Data governance is a key component to keep the information safe and organized. The segmentation has offered greater refinement in terms of demographics. Integrating the analytics with mail has enriched the dataset to more complexly and precisely predict future endeavours.

Additionally, the security of these data is crucial, and we make all efforts to contain sensitive information. Every information is logically processed, accessed and separated and protected by authentication controls and encrypted at all stages.

At the core of everything that we do is a reflection of our values. We pride ourselves on working collaboratively with our clients to present them with innovative solutions while ensuring that we’re accountable and transparent with our results.

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