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About Sabre?
Sabre is a Global Distribution System (GDS) owned by Sabre Corporation, a software and technology company dedicated to providing expert service and innovative solutions to the travel industry globally. Sabre GDS acts as the digital marketplace for personalized travel by connecting travel agents and airline companies around the world to search fares, book, cancel and schedule various services provided by airlines, hotels, car rental companies and various tour operators. Sabre GDS is trusted by more than 400,000 travel agencies around the world and various travel suppliers which include approximately 400 airlines, 125,000 hospitality partners, 27 car rental companies and 13 cruise lines. These travel suppliers used sabre as their platform to promote, personalize and sell their products to travel management companies, online tour operators, corporate travel departments and various travel agents. Sabre is trusted by various users due to its data-rich solutions that let the suppliers and sellers utilize the unique insights to offer the best services to their customer booking and requirements. Sabre GDS is the largest global distribution system based in Texas, providing services for air bookings majorly in North America. With the latest technology, it is essential to be competitive in this dynamic travel industry, with the most comprehensive, flexible and diverse services. Sabre delivers the best services with an open platform to enable innovation and customization. The services offered by sabre allows developers to create valuable designs and services across the travel ecosystem. The extensive network over 140 countries across the globe with a collaboration of over 425,000 travel agents works together to create a unique, operational and accessible platform for customers to make travel more exquisite and hassle-free.

Services offered by Sabre
Sabre offers various value-added products and services to online travel agencies, corporates, government, developers and suppliers in the line of Business associated with Air, Car, Cruise, Lodging, Rail and Tour packages.

Sabre services for Agency:
Sabre targets the Agencies by offering an end- to – end seamless technological solution between customers and travel agencies to perform well among the competitors. With automation and data intelligence, sabre aids the agencies and travel management companies to meet the customer requirements consistently by offering space for personalization and various appealing offers to choose from with global access to an intensive network of airfares, ancillaries and various services. With expertise in an open platform to revolutionize travel technology to best serve the customers, Sabre enables the agencies and travel companies to effortlessly equip them with superior service from planning, shopping, booking and travelling. Sabre also covers all forms of travelling from budget-friendly, one-member travel to corporate bookings and leisure and luxury travels.

Sabre solution for Suppliers:
As solution providers for its suppliers, Sabre targets the essentiality to remain competitive in the travel ecosystem with speed and quality. Hence, Sabre aims in providing in the most secure and dependable transaction environment by ensuring the demands and nuances involved in transactions in the travel tech domain. It enhances the customer experience with safe and secure dealing of money along with the need to maximize the inventory of suppliers to stay connected with customers who wish to travel with uninterrupted transactions. Sabre works with more than 425,000 agents across the globe, connecting six continents with high visibility and accessibility to keep the supply chain organized and connected. Under the sabre solution for Suppliers, it offers various products under a specific category of business as mentioned below:

1.Air Travel:
Sabre offers a product named – Sabre AIR which utilizes the customer data in real-time to intelligently allow suggestions for personalization and leveraging the data to improve the travel experience for customers. This product aids the airline industry by setting travel tech standards, strengthening the brand identity to use them advantageously for the airline’s ancillary revenue and also, optimize content across all channels both direct and indirect. Hence, with the advancement of technology, airlines stay in par with the recent changes by adopting to new technologies offered by sabre to increase demand and distribution by satisfying customer expectations
for tailored services and requirements.

2.Rental Cars:
Sabre offers the travel suppliers offering car on the rental basis a product under the title Sabre CAR. With the current collaboration with 40 car rental brands and over 40,000 fixed pick-up locations, sabre has got the suppliers and customers connected by offering personalization to customers and offering the driver all essentials for the travel. Sabre provides complete transparency of total cost before arrival and pickup,
which is an added advantage of the product. Additionally, they offer options to pay – either pay in advance or pay after picking up the car. Prepaid offers help pocket-friendly travellers to travel leisurely by offering discounts occasionally to drive traffic, revenue and loyal customers. This enables the tour agency operators to choose from best rates offered and commission them for the customer.

Sabre CRUISE offers transparent booking by sharing rich images, deck plans and special rates to the clients. The simple graphic user interface allows the ability to compare up to three cruises at once in terms of fares and facilities. It also aids the stakeholders by delivering information about agents delivering the best cruise for each traveller according to their requirements.

Sabre LODGING helps deliver the best lodging experience to customer by enabling sabre connected agents to receive the same rates inside GDS as available on the hotel’s website. This enables all agencies to access the content they need to establish a strong relationship with other agencies, and all generate more hotel bookings through the highly efficient channel. It also offers the agencies in accordance with the hotel the complete record of the room costs including tax and fees to improve customer service. Sabre Lodging offers Rate access code enhancement that allows faster and accurate rate identification, rate specific hotel booking report and customer-related information for customer service and queries. It handles optimizing your visibility on GDS and execute marketing campaigns targeted to a specific audience.

Sabre rail enables agencies to book multimodal itineraries by offering a package of rail, air, car and hotel in one booking. A consistent booking system ensures all stakeholders are enhanced by offering a unified platform for all rail vendors. Agents are given detailed rail content, time-to-time schedule of local public transport, with complete customization options and sold according to the market and customer’s needs.
They also operate on paperless tickets and refunds. Sabre products act as the unifying unit for all sellers to showcase their products and integrate with GDS and display them on domestic and international travel information. It also aids in optimizing the inventory by supporting local market itineraries and collaborating with frequent travel bookings and providing ancillary services and products to over a
fulfilling overall travel experience.

Sabre services for Corporate companies:
Sabre for corporate companies manages corporate travel responsibility by covering the costs and integrated travel schedule. Sabre offers various products like GetThere, Air Extras and branded fares, Corporate Air service, Virtual payments, safepoint and TripCase to optimize and plan corporate travels. It also automates transactions and traveller’s information. They manage unique travel program requirements with customizable policy controls and travel documentation requirement notifications in
their integrated corporate travel solutions suite.

Sabre services for Developers:
Sabre for Developers offers value-added products – namely Dev Studio and Sabre Red App Centre. Dev Studio enables developers to build apps for both B2C and B2B. Sabre offers over 100 APIs (Sabre web services) and software development kits and information services, developers can deliver efficient and personalized applications.
Sabre Red App centre can extend the capability of the app’s workspace to suit travel agencies and customers by customizing the workspace to fit the specific requirements. Red apps interact with Red Workspace, providing a deeper level of integration and customization. With sabre Red App certified provider, you can reach to more than 425,000 travel agents and visible across over 140 countries when the app is made available on the Sabre Red App centre. Red app Developer toolkit enables converting an existing application as a Red app of creating a new application and make it available on Red App centre. As sabre authorized developers, you can have access to all sabre studio portfolio and promote products to all agencies and provide the most effective and comprehensive third-party developer program in the industry. How can Sabre bring value to your business? Global distribution system acts as the centre for information and rich content in the travel and tourism sector as it aids communication between airlines and travel agents. The computerized reservation and service providing network help an agency to reach and stay connected with various suppliers and service providers around the globe to book and confirm travel deals that best fit their requirements. Since Sabre is accessible as B2B and B2C models, offering services to travel agents, online travel agents, customers and companies, they can integrate into website

Utilizing the vast range of services offered by Sabre requires some special skills. Our team of Sabre certified developers has phenomenal success in the past to help our clients developing products integrated into the various Sabre API and services.

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