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Farenexus group located in Montreal provide worldwide technical services and consultancy with utmost customization in website development and software support with more than 5 years of experience. We expertise in providing a service entitled by a service level agreement highlighting the cost, timeline and system design and functionality. We focus on delivering the most robust and agile end to end applications with custom design and business-specific solutions to optimize your customer base. We work on delivering the most comprehensive and quality assured service to ensure scalability, performance and sustainability of your website. We also strive to deliver the best maintenance to your website infrastructure as your business expands. We rely on our technological expertise and industry experience to develop and design a website as per your business requirements on the varying platform and ensure the highly responsive design and professional output. We also test and verify the functionality and usability of the software by running multiple tests and real-time cases. We, Farenexus Group can handle technology with an extreme knowledge on Java, .Net, WordPress and PHP. As a travel service and technology-oriented industry, we help clients to leverage their travel business by providing support to their IT infrastructure needs and offer compelling service and advice. We offer services in Java, PHP, .Net and WordPress to develop a successful and working website with competitive content and functionality accompanied with intuitive design and easy accessibility. As a leading solution provider, we design and develop an innovative digital user experience that facilitates solving a complex business problem. Our experienced website developer work in collaboration with UX/UI design specialist to design a responsive website with easy accessibility on various platforms. We understand the necessity for carefully designed, hassle-free website to facilitate user for the success of the business and the website. It enables you to increase customer base by keeping them engaged with consistent workflow, simple and robust architecture. We have carefully designed and fine-tuned elements by maintaining data of visitors and converted sales. With highly efficient usability testing, we provide the business with a fully functional user interface and experience. Our designers make sure our highly responsive designs are compatible on mobile with leveraged touchscreen functionality both on iOS and android.

A brief description on JAVA:
Java was designed to use, code, compile, debug and test at ease. It is object-oriented programming that allows us to create modular programs. Java can significantly perform on various platforms making it the most successful programmable language for world wide web software and a platform-independent program at source and binary level.
Java is the game changer for application developers for output on smartphones and smart devices. Big companies thrive in today’s scenario with the experienced java developers, giving sufficient time to understand the programming language’s functionality and scope to satisfy the business requirements and demands. Java is very robust and cross-platform capable with security features making it the most crucial choice for worldwide internet solution. It is widely used for the distributed environment on the internet. Most of the times, android smartphone applications, design of edge devices and internet of things uses Java extensively. Java is a very ubiquitous programming language, and designed applications offer portability in a network. More importantly, Java programs are simple, standalone applications and have the best collection of frameworks that enables companies to use Java for their development teams and work collectively in an organized way.
Java application for business is very beneficial as it offers flexible applications helping developers maintain both desktop and web-based applications. These applications are required by most industry, especially IT services, travel, banking and entertainment. Especially, Farenexus Group deals with immense data collection, storage and sorting of flight fares and extensive scheduling which uses Java. All the business process management is maintained through rich Java feature applications. Java becomes increasingly advantageous for developers as they can develop an application for one operating system and still be accessed on various platforms like Windows, Mac, Linux, however, requires testing and debugging on every platform. Additionally, Java applications have comparatively tight security making it difficult to breach.

About .NET
.NET is a platform which supports the development of various application including web applications, mobile applications, desktop applications and IoT applications. .Net is a framework which lays down essential guidelines to develop a wide range of applications from the web to mobile to windows-based applications. They can function aside from various programming languages with ease. The framework class library and language provide interoperability across various programming languages. IT is a free, cross-platform open-source development platform that enables the user to access multiple languages, editors and libraries to develop applications. It has a base set of APIs that are common to all .NET implementations accompanied by operating specific APIS for applications to run seamlessly. However, one major disadvantage with .NET is its framework design is restricted to windows only, highlighting that the implementation includes APIs for accessing the windows registry. .Net is best suitable for business that looks for a wide range of features like web-based services, cloud infrastructure support and other software on desktop and mobile. Additionally, .Net has an adaptable arrangement and has easier deployment. .Net as a whole is a simple, efficient, data-rich and functional-first programming language very feasible for developers with simple, maintainable and robust code.

Technology – PHP
PHP is the world’s most popular technology on the internet, being free and open source platform. PHP is a server-side scripting language used to develop static websites or dynamic websites and web applications. PHP is abbreviated as Hypertext Pre-Processor, which highly sophisticated scripts interpretable by PHP installed servers only. PHP is very beneficial due to its ability to interact wit many different database languages, including SQL and various languages. Statistically, 75% of the current website is powered by PHP. They are capable of interacting with texts, strings and numeric data with utmost ease and well supported by many web servers. PHP is fully capable of generating a fully secure and random token and storing in a database. With PHP, we can implement a two-step authentication system. Additionally, PHP can be embedded in HTML, and is well suited for web development and creating dynamic web pages for web applications, e-commerce application and database applications. PHP is considered a friendly language with abilities to easily connect with MYSQL, Oracle, and other databases.

WordPress powers nearly 30% of the whole world’s website, including personal blogs to company websites. WordPress is highly popular and most often used to build site-packages and comes with all free to download and use with numerous specialized functionalities, suit the requirements of a company as well as an individual.
WordPress is highly flexible and can be tailored to changing needs of the industry and individual. They can used to run various complex sites for multinational corporations and fully functional eCommerce stores. They are highly user friendly and can be installed and up for running within couple of minutes. They offer multiple theme options for fine-tuning of the appearance and functions on the new site. Additionally, the WordPress plugin directory includes hundreds of plugins to perform specific task that enables us to attach additional features and more compatible features on WordPress site. Plugins can be activated or deactivated and uninstalled as required by the industry’s growth and development. WordPress community offers complete support to its users as it is a free and open source applications. They tend to rank high for their keywords, as they have built-in SEO optimization. In addition to this, they offer highly responsive design and compatibility on any device. However, WordPress has evolved into powerful platform for website development and highly robust content management system to help ranking in google search.

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