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Travel APIs – NDC and GDS Integration

GDS (Global Distribution System): GDS undoubtedly act as travel agents motherboard for booking airline tickets, along with other travel facilities like hotel, car and flight. A single GDS system comprises of hundreds of airlines and obviously, that’s the win-win situation for every GDS holder company.
We FarenexusGroup have a thorough experience in integration in GDS with a developed business solution for our travel partners equipped to communicate efficiently to Sabre, Amadeus and Travelport GDS. Consistency in work is there due to which effectiveness in work is maintained.

Amadeus GDS Integration
By decreasing expenses and enhancing incomes, Amadeus GDS integration system helps to move travel business. It helps the traveller to upgrade their business experience and engagement by bringing different business competitors to work on and improve our gain. It further provides with real-time information related to price with a wide range of travel contents and instant booking options. The leading transaction processor in the travel world provides technology solutions to travel providers and travel agencies. Amadeus GDS processes a high number of transactions on daily basis. Start
ing from search to booking completion, Amadeus booking system is a complete system.
We provide easy connectivity and control on live inventory where content is updated automatically. For the purpose of distribution and utilization, Farenexus Group provides multiple channels with multiple options, reduces your overheads in the process too. provides you with interactive and highly effective reservation solutions like the option of advance filter search, the scope for selection of seat, along with the details about the fare. We took every project with the aim to be the best yet so far and to present high-quality work.

Sabre GDS Integration
With a global booking and distribution system, Sabre is related to travel technology where we have an extensive series of the flight reservation system. Sabre GDS API is the leading technology and data-driven solution provider, we have worked on it and gained a lot of experience to work effectively on this technology. All travel data provided by us is in real-time. The simplicity of booking and payment to clients is conveyed through Sabre API integration by offering an excellent solution for the travel industry. Our team of Sabre certified Developers serves in the best possible way according to the arising needs.
We have worked hard to provide end-users with the plans, availability, costing, rules, etc. Travel distributors are also provided with the ability of sabre booking and travel distributor and provide a single point of access to the Sabre system. Farenexus Group thoroughly gives its best to deal with all your marketing needs through a single-window interface. As there is time to time marketing done in an appropriate way, more visibility is there to agents and travellers.

Travelport GDS Integration
Travelport is a b2b platform dedicated to developing exceptional travel experiences the world demands. Though we stepped into this field and we are well aware with it’s working and we strongly put all our efforts to provide you with the best out of best. Sophisticated GDS for the travel domain, Travelport system leads the airline software. Business opportunities are maximised as service to customers is provided by travel agents as more enhanced offerings are there with wide selections of travel contents.
Farenexus Group offers support services with Travelport solutions, where we go through your concerns and provides you with the solutions on a real-time basis. Necessary improvements are added to secure your data along with maintaining business features. Our experts provide custom integrations with Travelport solutions.
We are always excited to add up with new things while bringing creativity along with innovation for better and catering to specific needs for your business. New technologies are transforming travel, and for that our solutions are effective in today’s market. We are working behind the scenes to deliver real value across every part of the travel ecosystem.

NDC Exchange
NDC Exchange i.e a marketplace where airlines and travel sellers meet, on a single platform with different distribution points that is quite an easy and cost-effective way to adopt NDC and is launched by IATA. Along with the community marketplace, NDC exchange is best regarded as a universal message translation.
NDC is a famous supported program in the travel industry that directly helps to develop and adopt various standards. These standards, therefore, smoothens the communication between airlines and sellers.
We FareNexus Group have level 3 NDC Certification, as we strongly believe in providing a way to rich air content. We always try to convert complexity into simplicity, so that search results are effective and efficient along with increasing accessibility. Farenexus Group has maintained the consistency as our business customers are provided with the necessary support.

At the core of everything that we do is a reflection of our values. We pride ourselves on working collaboratively with our clients to present them with innovative solutions while ensuring that we’re accountable and transparent with our results.

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